Xiaoli Zhang, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Scientist, George Washington University

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I graduated from Tsinghua University in China in 2013, with a B.S. in Psychology. When there I completed my undergraduate thesis and continued working in Dr. Meihong Zheng’ lab from 2013-2014, on the adaptation of working memory capacity under feedback stress.

Later I went to the Department of Psychology at the Ohio State University, working in the Vision & Cognitive Neuroscience Lab with Dr. Julie Golomb. I received Ph.D. in cognitive psychology in 2020.

Currently I’m working as a Post-Doctoral Scientist at George Washington University, in the Attention and Cognition Lab with Dr. Sarah Shomstein.

My research interests include attention, and its interactions with other cognitive processes, such as visual perception and working memory. I’m particularly interested in how cognitive functions are dynamically controlled to accommodate various tasks and limitations. The methods I use in research including behavioral measurements, eye tracking, and functional MRI.

I’m also an organizer of Object Perception, Attention, and Memory conference. OPAM is a forum primarily for scientists early in their careers and provides an excellent opportunity to present research to a large audience mainly drawn from the Psychonomics community. For more information about OPAM, please visit the website.